Design changes the world and acknowledging responsibility is the key to generate solutions whose form transform the environment which future generations will inherit from us.

A long-term approach requires us to understand how relevant it is that what we produce is framed within honesty, and envisioned beyond commercial value.  The paradox this both terms might embrace is challenged fostering change through design, making people aware about their role as consumers, currently excitingly characterized by a multitude of initiatives pressing industry to change their policies of production and driving designers, or architects to think about processes beyond objects.

We believe in people and through our multi-cultural origin and experience we are convinced everyone has potential, and different localities have the right and need to develop in the way that suits them best, beyond banality and trends.

We define ourselves as contributors of change through the creation of innovative human design solutions that, focused on sensible, natural, and responsible concepts, transcend cultures, respecting their values and the environment.  We look forward to support the industry, and work together with it towards the adoption of manufacturing and production strategies that will materialise those solutions into responsible products.

Human design takes into account the position of our being and acts through design accordingly, so that by challenging habits, mind sets, and processes we may create a sustainable world amongst one another and in conjunction with our environment, in the micro and macro cosmos; be that our living room, our urban space or our natural resources.

Our goals are:

  • to empower people, generating entirely new product experiences, helping them gain control over their quality of living;
  • to foster the vision of better living beyond consumerism;
  • to inspire and drive communities to think and act in unprecedented ways.