Dear friends,

2012 – what a year! A couple of top-notch awards recognizing our efforts in our work, a solo exhibition in the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, the possibility to dive head-first into a social impact design project working on water in the mountainous regions of Nepal ...

2013 is going to be just as exciting, if not more! We want to keep it all hush-hush until the official is “officially out of the closet” as to what exactly we will be working on, but we´ll keep you posted here on exciting stuff...

We´d like to say goodbye to Sebastian, one of our original co-founders, who will sadly no longer be working with us as of 2013. He´s off on a sabbatical to his home country Columbia, so if you´re lucky you might bump into him in a hot salsa club in Bogotá, or a paradise beach near Cartagena, or even in the misty plains of the coffee plantations. Lucky guy. After that, the world is his oyster.

We wish you farewell Sebastian, thanks for accompanying us on the ride!!!

♥ taliaYsebastian ♥