So I´m reading this book right now, about how right-brainers will rule the future and the Harvard Business Review has published this article today:


What I like about both the book and the article, and that I´ve experienced in my own practice, is that they both emphasize right-brain functioning to be not a sole gift of "artsy" people, but rather that the right-brainers among us are also ones who work within traditional left-brained fields.

I was very humbled early on in my professional life when I was exposed to and understood that solving (socially) relevant problems and creating (social) innovation and meaning was not the privilege of a new generation of designers (like me), but rather that many disciplines had untapped their creative potential and are having a more fun, more meaningful and fulfilling job experience with it.

We as designers can solve problems creatively through the medium of design, but by joining in with creative experts in other fields we can tap into real solutions that are contextual, emotional, metaphorical, simultaneous, and that synthesize the Big Picture - essentially, right-brained solutions.