We´ve spent since the summer away from writing even the teeniest of paragraphs and reduced our social media to 140-character private-person tweets and letting images tell our stories on our private-person instagram.

As of the beginning of this November month we´ve decided to kick our taliaYstudio Facebook page and keep it alive only to invite people to our events - like last week´s Jellyseries product launch at the MAKshop in Vienna, or our upcoming Christmas Glühwine courtyard party (tba).

But why? Because we´re a moody broody girls´ studio who like to work hard and play hard - we did both this summer and autumn and personally Talia could not be bothered to spread the digital word about it as a private person AND a professional.

However, we´re constantly evaluating the studio´s work and direction, and have decided to sort out our digital studio persona once and for all. So add our studio journal (we also kicked the "blog"-title) to your RSS feed to be up-to-date on our latest and greatest studio shenanigans, ramblings, expeditions and outright nose-picking, hair-ripping undetailed deadline survival anecdotes as told by Talia - or subscribe to our newsletter for something a little less often and a little more formal.

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