It always feels really good when your work is recognised in the media, does´t it? It´s like a big public pat on the back that gently strokes the studio´s ego which for months was hibernating patiently while hard, hard focussed efforts were brewing something special in the workshop. Specifically when our playful attitude towards integrating design and technology turns the heads of one of the most influential collaborations currently exposing the marriage of two previously disparate disciplines.

During the Milan Design Week 2014 Dezeen and Mini Frontiers took their time to video interview us on our kissing machines

Thanks to the Dezeen team for the time and the amazing edit, and of course for supporting the studio´s efforts and projects. And also for the Frites - here´s a photo of taliaYstudio vs. Dezeen peeling potatoes at Piet Bergman´s chip restaurant´s spontaneous potato-peeling competition (Talia won...):