40,000 units sold = €40,000 raised for water charities

40,000 units sold = €40,000 raised for water charities

We´re so proud of our clients Soulbottles, who recently confirmed having sold 40,000 units of their Soulbottle, a bottle designed by taliaYstudio! Congratulations!

Back in the Winter of 2012, two young guns in their early twenties, Georg Tarne and Paul Kupfer, approached the studio with the briefing to design a durable glass water bottle - the only product they planned to sell to launch their company Soulbottles.

Their mission: to make drinking tap water sexy by creating a beautiful refillable glass bottle for restaurants as well as for on-the-go and so reduce the amount of plastic in retail. Their social impact: for every bottle sold, 1€ of that sale goes directly to NGO´s dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to rural areas of this earth. Their business plan: to grow and engage an online community of budding graphic designers and curators that create and crowd-curate the art that is burnt onto the glass bottles´ "cylindrical canvas".  Their budget for the studio´s design service: close to zero.

I was seduced to take on the challenge by the enthusiasm of these young boys, and because every year the studio takes on one "social project": giving design services, from research to design consultancy to full blown product design, for little or no money to companies and organisations with high environmental and social impact but no budget.

I´m proud that the bottle we designed has raised €40,000 for water-related NGO´s, and very happy for the success of the Soulboys for enduring with their business - well deserved congratulations xxx