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Is design a sustainable business model?

Recently I took part in a workshop aimed at getting down and dirty on the business model and perking out the social impact of the business.

I took part in order to figure out how to make a better business out of taliaYsebastian. We work in product design for social business, are pretty darn good at it, but quite honestly suck at the business part. When it comes to business, we´re still in our baby socks whilst others with (sometimes) meagre "products" (more on that later) can walk it out in stilettos. 

Really, what it goes down to is that in the world of design and the world of business, two completely different languages are being spoken, often using (or misusing) the same vocabulary but applying a different meaning to them. It´s very confusing, sometimes particularly irritating, and quite honestly probably the reason why, according to Harmut Esslinger, designers in Austria are making a pitiful average of 16,000 euros a year.