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Milan 2015 Update! taliaYstudio shows 1.5 projects at Salone del Mobile

SO, our stand is all wrapped up and ready to ship to this year´s edition to Ventura Lambrate, where we will be pre-launching our collaboration with Vienna´s finest SUPERSENSE. time for an update!

This year, taliaYstudio will be showing a low-tech project developed together with Supersense in-house photographer Marco Christian Krenn and Doc Kaps. Together, we proudly present the JELLYJEWEL at our taliaYstudio & SUPERSENSE Lab. For this very special edition of our Jellyseries, visitors will witness how we carefully and magically melt their very own Polaroid picture onto perfectly rounded vintage glass. Framed by pure sterling silver, handcrafted in the heart of Vienna, the JELLYJEWELS are unique treasures. We will be lifting Polaroids daily from 2-3pm at our stand in Via Ventura 14, and Marco the master-lifter will join us from Thursday till Saturday, in case you want to learn from the master himself! We´re looking forward to seeing you there - follow talia on twitter @taliaradford for regular updates on our lab timetable. Also, our JellySeries and JellyJewels will be available for purchase at the on-site CROWDY HOUSE Ventura Lambrate edition, so don´t forget to use the #jellyseries on instagram if you end up getting one for yourself!

Over at La Pelota, the Austrian Design Pioneers will be showcasing some the republic´s finest independent designers and companies. Their legendary Thursday night party will include a guest appearance from Lightscores founder and initiator, Veronika Mayerböck. Veronika will be using the wearable device that she and her team are developing, in an interactive light performance dance that will create sound through movement in light and shadow. taliaYstudio is proud to have been the product design team for the latest stage of development of this wonderful auditory-feedback tool, which Veronika originally developed several years ago as a performance tool but that, thanks to funding from AWS, she has been able to continue developing a wireless version as a therapeutic tool for, amongst other, (partially) blind children with underdeveloped motoric skills. Don´t forget to sign up to the party!

See you in Milano x