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Bienvenue, Catalina!

The studio has been having a crazy fun challenging time this year- whipping up application concepts for unprecedented technology, designing and prototyping and working towards launch deadlines, travelling a LOT (yay!) to promote, network, connect, converse, debate, learn, drink and dine and let people play with the things we create.

There´s been a steady growth of interest for the work of the studio and so it was time to do the previously unthinkable - delegate some serious work to someone talented; add some non-designer into the team for the long-run; someone who´s playground is a business canvas instead of a sketching dialogue; but most importantly someone who gets design but speaks market.

In short, a sales and marketing connoisseur. 

Meet the wonderful Catalina Scalbert, fresh off the plane from the beating heart of the textiles industry in Istanbul with a detour designer work-over in Beirut after finishing her studies in her homeland France, and with enough energy and sense of adventure to be an obvious keeper from the word go. 

If you have any sales inquiries be sure to contact Catalina!