taliaYstudio is a design studio based in Vienna focussing on product design for social innovation.


In our work we are preoccupied with the relationship people have with themselves, each other and their surrounding environment. We use design to challenge mind-sets, processes and systems to create a sustainable co-existence of our habits and habitats.


We see problems as challenges that can be solved using strategic design, and see our role as being a bridge between people and socially desirable solutions. Our work is collaborative in nature as we understand that design alone cannot change the world: rather, we enjoy working with experts from disparate fields in the soft and hard sciences, business, creative industries and the ultimate user groups to inform and enrich our projects.


taliaYstudio helps innovation- and impact-driven companies to enter new markets through design - be it with our research approach, ideation workshops or fully grown product design projects.  By cross-financing our services we can provide one third of our activities pro-bono for NGOs, or at a cost for social enterprises and as such make design services accessible and affordable for those who need them most.

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We make beautiful things with tangible benefits.

Last but not least, we like to play.