We work at the intersection between human interaction and technology. We are curious about the possibilities of the latest materials, scientific inventions, and tech. We love to tap into our clients’ knowledge and find the use, the benefits and the fun behind complex technological inventions. We help to communicate our clients’ inventions through design. Our projects have been covered by Dezeen, PSFK, Wired, Fast Company and many more. 



When technology advances to such a degree that no-one can see what it can be used for, then it becomes a situation full of possibilities; almost like starting with a blank page, the only boundary being ones imagination. To explore the potential of Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH’s technology, we were literally invited to come and play: We had the chance to organise a series of internal ideation workshops, which gave us the opportunity to invite representatives of Osram to devise and play alongside us. We left hierarchies at the door and made everyone get down and dirty and play with design thinking, co-creating, and prototyping.

As outcome of these ideation workshops we developed three Holdable objects, making conceptual ideas a reality: KissCam, S.A.D. Lolly and MonoLED have been celebrated by international press such as Dezeen, PSFK and FastCompany. Our work has helped to make the technology of Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH tangible and accessible to a wider audience. This collaboration was supported by departure Wirtschaftsagentur Wien



Inspired by the emerging photo-sharing culture, we‘ve developed the JellySeries; a series of analogue photo filters for people to see the beauty of their everyday with a tint of cheerful colour.

Every ‘Jelly’ necklace comes with a secret photo mission to help ignite peoples’ creativity. They can then share their jellyfied images on Instagram. JellySeries filters are made out of brass-rimmed, mouth blown, LambertsGlass that makes every pendant unique. You can buy our JellySeries at the Wonderstore


The most worthy photographs are the ones that really capture "the" moment; our Thermobooth does just that. The shutter is triggered when two or more people kiss or touch, resulting in glorious low-fi instant thermal-printed pictures. We have loaned the event tool to parties, weddings, gallery openings and fairs and it’s always been a major attraction.

As the team from Dezeen puts it: “The Thermobooth was a huge hit at our book launch and really added to the atmosphere of the event. People were talking about the booth for months afterwards. Thanks so much for helping us make the night a big success!"

This project was realised using Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH’s mirror OLED technology. The realisation of the project was made possible by Departure Wirtschaftsagentur. You can rent the Thermobooth in our Wonderstore



The bottle “to go” is usually made out of plastic to keep it as light as possible. SoulBottles, on the other hand, are made out of light, durable glass which not only look great but to also fit in a handbag. To help SoulBottles keep their social promise of dedicating a percentage of the profit to water NGOs, we have kept production costs as low by only using standardised elements. 



After developing a concept for the first ever teething toy that massages the gums of toddlers and babies and also cleans their mouths to playfully introduce a healthy oral routine to children, we have teamed up with NUK to develop the product. The variations of materials paired with the flexibility of its rotating mechanism enables babies to intuitively choose, which of the three different heads fits their needs best; pain relief, gum massage or teeth cleaning.