We believe in human centred design, which is why we put research at the core of our work. Our mission is to help our clients understand complex matters and develop qualitative, human-focused, products. Based on the scope of the project, we support companies with ideation workshops, qualitative research, user-oriented consultation or even prototyping. With our research projects, we have been short listed for the Victor Papanek Social Design Award 2011. We won the James Dyson National Award in Austria, the Adolf Loos Student Staatspreis in 2007, and the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Award 2015


Exploring how nanotechnology can solve pressing humanitarian problems, AquaIris is a three-step water purifier, designed especially for tropical regions. In short, the portable device collects dirty and contaminated water and runs it through a removable mesh filter, purifying it and making it safe and drinkable. The project was awarded with the Victor Papanek Social Design Award 2011. 


To endorse good posture, we have developed an orthopaedic underwear with ergonomic biofeedback. The main focus of our research was the nature of humans to develop good and bad habits. With that in mind, we wove nano-sized locational sensors and pistons into fabric that release impulses whenever one begins to slouch, the idea being that eventually our body learns the good habit of retaining good posture even when no longer wearing the Ergoskin anymore. In 2007 the Ergoskin had a positive impact and won the jury prize of the James Dyson National Award and the Adolf Loos Student Staatspreis


To understand the needs and the challenges of people with physical disabilities, we have conducted qualitative research and collected interviews with disabled people and their carers living in and around Vienna. We are fortunate to have heard many heartfelt, anecdotal stories about the everyday lives of these people; the challenge of getting from A to B and even some sexually charged episodes. We have curated a selection of humorous stories on behalf of E-glas Ltd. for Intelligent Computer Systems and Assistive Technology, which you can read here


Originally designed by Veronica Mayerböck as a performance tool, Lightscores has been utilised as a therapeutic wearable device. We were invited to join the Alles oder Licht team and, based on our previous research of human immobility, we implemented our design thinking and prototyping skills to help the start-up further develop a tool that translates light and movement into sound.

Visually-impaired children or those with motor coordination disorder respond especially well to the calming effects of the wearable device. The concept is still in development but has nevertheless already been exhibited at the Design Museum in London and shortlisted for the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Award 2015


A comprehensive research intended for social designers and entrepreneurs to encourage and inform early stage projects, which are working to relieve the 750 million people living without direct access to clean and safe drinking water. In our guide, we have explored and created a step-by-step, mix and match directory of techniques to collect, store, filter and neutralise our "blue gold." We've included comparative and illustrated instructions for different types of water sources, climate and geology for personal or community needs. The e-book’s available here