was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain in 1983 and schooled in England after which she swiftly packed her belongings and took a long detour travelling half-way around the world before landing in Vienna, Austria and the University of Applied Arts where she graduated in Industrial Design under the professorship of Hartmut Esslinger, and previously Ross Lovegrove and Borek Sipek.

After an Internship in Hong Kong at Michael Young, Talia founded the design studio taliaYsebastian in 2011 which now exists as taliaYstudio.

Her multicultural background and travels inform her human-based approach to product design, in which the relationship people have with themselves, each other and their surroundings play a central role.




project-based residents


Catalina Scalbert

is our studio Sales and Product Management resident French-flare. Oui oui.

Bernhard Ranner

is a master of all design trades - a thinker, a digital craftsman and a maker, a rare gem within Vienna´s design scene.




Andrea Hanzl

steps in from time to time to support the studio in visual communication with her magic eye for detail. The visual design of this website particularly we owe to Andrea - thanks for putting the studio´s work in the right spotlight and cooking up mean meals.



past residents



Kickie Chudikova

is a kick-ass product designer of Slovakian descent. Her sense of style translates beautifully into her understanding of materials and colors and her CAD skills continue to support the studio´s visualization process. Kickie notably worked on the HOLDABLES project.


Peter Herbert Linhart

writes riddles in cc and entire sagas in Python. Electronic hardware is like Lego to him and as a master of knowledge transfer he invites us to play. Peter is the electronics and coding mind behind the HOLDABLES project.


Lena Gold

A key player in the studio during the development of the Thermobooth, Lena continues to support the studio sporadically with graphic documentation particularly throughout our collaboration with OSRAM OLED technology.

Lena Gold‘s diploma project „Theatre of Destruction“ was shown at the Vienna Design Week 2012. She is part of the Soybot collective, works as an illustrator for Agent Azur and as a designer for taliaYstudio.



Jonas Bohatschs

workfields include fine art, design, music and technology. His interactive installation "vinyl+" was shown at various media art festivals around the world.

Jonas´ media art background has particularly contributed to the Thermobooth project, which he helped to conceive.


Zalan Szakacs

interned at taliaYstudio during the summer of 2013. A student at Eindhoven, Zalan conducted research on Human Immobility and completed the anecdotal book of the same name for the studio.



Barbara Mozdyniewicz

is industrial and graphic designer. She was a resident at the studio in 2013 during which her experience of working with corporate clients enriched the studio´s Spring projects.



Sarah Stamatiou

is social entrepreneur and former founding partner of the Hub Vienna. Before moving to San Francisco in Summer 2013, Sarah volunteered to support the studio by structuring the business model. 


Sebastian Gomez

is former co-founder of the studio, way back when it was called taliaYsebastian. Particularly we can thank Sebastian for his work on the CafeQuadrat project and especially on the PATO project. Since Sebastian´s departure in 2012, the studio has restructured (including a name-change) and re-focussed.